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Credit & Charge Cards

The possibilities are limitless when the flexibility lies in your wallet.

Prestige in your wallet

Citi® Credit CardsFootnote 1 reference
The selection of Citi® credit cards offer a diverse range of benefits and rewards to fit your needs
Features include but are not limited to easy–to–earn points on dining, entertainment or enhanced travel rewards
Clients must be resident and/or Citizen
To learn more and apply, contact your financial professional to discuss availability, suitability, and options.
The International Dollar Cards from American Express®2
Charge Card - No preset spending limit
Offers the prestige and convenience you deserve with benefits in travel, lifestyle and insurances
Clients must reside in Latin America and the Caribbean (excluding Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands)
For details on how to apply for one of International Dollar Cards from American Express® contact your financial professional to be referred to American Express®.
  1. based credit cards are available to Citizens and/or Residents. Certain credit cards may not be available in certain countries. Proof of income is required. Subject to credit approval.
  2. Citibank and American Express® are independent companies. Citibank has agreed to refer individuals who are interested in obtaining The International Dollar Card from American Express®. American Express® is solely responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the account and its governing terms and conditions.