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Online Bill Pay

1. Online Bill Pay

Why pay for stamps, envelopes and checks? Pay your bills online. It's free. And set up is easy—just add your payees and you're off.

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ThankYou(R) Rewards Network

2. ThankYou® Rewards Network

This rewards program enables you to earn points each month based on the number of qualifying products and services linked to your checking account–such as savings, direct deposit or online bill payment.

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E-mail & Alerts

3. E-mail & Account Alerts

Free Alerts help you monitor your bank and credit card accounts. Learn when balances are low, payments are due, a check clears, a deposit is made…the list goes on.

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We're glad you've decided to go Paperless. There's just one more step to take.
Next time you log into your account at Citibank(R) Online from your personal computer, we'll ask you to confirm that you can access your online statement in electronic format.

You'll need to complete this step from your computer, and we'll send a reminder to the email address you provided when you enrolled in Citibank(R) Online.

Once you confirm your account enrollment in Paperless, you can start viewing your account statements online quickly and conveniently.

That's all there is to it!

Share Your Screen With A Phone Representative

During your call, you may be asked to share your screen for a faster, more efficient experience. If you agree, the phone representative you're speaking with will give you a Service Code to enter below.

If you need assistance from a Citi representative, contact us via chat or phone