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Can you get a savings account with a debit card?

Savings accounts don't usually offer debit cards.

Debit cards are a convenient way to withdraw cash from a bank account, and are common with checking accounts. You can automatically get a free debit card with any Citi checking account.

However, savings accounts aren't designed for day to day transactions, and most savings accounts do not come with debit cards.

Why savings accounts don't offer debit cards

Savings accounts are designed to serve a complementary function to checking accounts. Money put into a savings account will usually earn a higher interest rate, and they are best used as a place to store and save money for short-term to long-term needs.

For day-to-day banking transactions, checking accounts are a better fit for where you should keep your money. Checking accounts will typically have different minimum balance requirement, than savings accounts, as they are designed to acknowledge that money in the account is regularly coming and going. Many checking accounts will also waive monthly service fees for having direct deposits or bill payments made from your account, such as the Citi Access Account Package and Basic Account Package, which waive monthly account fees when qualifying automatic transfers are set.

Checking accounts will also come with a debit card, which makes withdrawing cash and using your checking account convenient.

While savings accounts typically don't come with a debit card, they may come with an ATM card.

Debit cards vs ATM cards

Debit cards and ATM cards are often used interchangeably, although they don't work quite the same way.

Debit cards allow you to carry out transactions as well as withdraw cash at an ATM or bank. ATM cards, on the other hand, only work for ATM transactions.

Can you get a savings account with an ATM card?

Some savings accounts do offer an ATM card. However, savings accounts are still not the ideal place for day-to-day transactions, and making too many transfers from a savings account may result in fees if your balance drops below the minimum balance requirements. ATM cards should only be used to withdraw money from a savings account in an emergency.

Savings accounts vs. checking accounts

While you can't typically get a savings account with a debit card, what you can do is easily link a savings and checking account and get the best value from both. Use a checking account for daily transactions and a savings account to grow your savings.

With Citi, it's easy and convenient to link your savings and checking account. You can manage both accounts from the same place, whether you prefer to bank in person, online or on the Citi mobile app, and you can get a free Mastercard debit card with your Citi checking account.

It's easy to avoid fees when pairing a checking and savings account at Citi, because both accounts balance will count towards the minimum balance requirements. Package fees can also be waived by setting up qualifying direct deposits and/or bill payments with the Access Account Package and Basic Banking Package.