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Estate Planning

Peace of Mind for the Next Generations.

Protect your wealth and prepare for the future

Explore strategies to help you grow and protect your assets while retaining control of your investments—all for the benefit of leaving a fundamental legacy behind for your future successors. These may include:

Personal Investment Companies (PICs)Check footnote 1

A Personal Investment Company (PIC) is a separate legal entity

  • Success Wealth protection: Helps protect personal wealth and pass on to future heirs
  • Success Tax Efficient: As a tax efficient vehicle, it helps you accumulate wealth over time
  • Success Privacy and confidentiality: Increased privacy and confidentiality in how affairs are handled
  • Success Extraction of Funds: Benefits may be enhanced if shares of the PIC are held by a trust, where it may be possible to make distributions to beneficiaries

TrustsCheck footnote 1

A trust is a relationship in which one or more people (the trustee) are the holder of the legal title to property (the trust property) to keep or use for the benefit of another person (the beneficiary)

  • Success Asset distribution: Provides how and when your assets are distributed
  • Success Cost Mitigation: Mitigate costs and delays of probate
  • Success Peace of mind: Peace of mind by providing flexibility in estate planning, protection and management of assets, and appropriate distribution in the event of any disability during your lifetime

To learn more contact your financial professional.

Footnote 1 Citigroup and its affiliates do not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult your legal or tax advisor when creating your estate plan.

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