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Citi MobileSM Apps

Thanks for your interest in Citi Mobile

At the moment, Citi Mobile Apps are available for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and AndroidTM devices. Here are the download instructions:

Smartphone Applications for Citibank

Citi Mobile for iPhone®, iPod touch®, and Android devices

FYI... No matter which mobile device you have, don't accept or place mobile calls during the download-doing so could halt the download.

Did you know...If there's no downloadable app listed here for your device, you can still manage your Citibank and Citi credit card accounts on your smartphone. Just launch your mobile browser and Go to or If you only have a credit card, or if your Citi credit cards are not linked to your bank or credit card accounts, go to Then sign on with the same User ID and Password you use to access your accounts online.

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