How to Send Money:

Via the Citibank Global Transfer1 service at:

  • Citibank Online
  • Select Citibank ATMs2
  • Financial Centers

How to Receive Money:

  • Funds are transferred to the recipient's Banamex account OR
  • Can be picked up in cash at any Banamex branch or Banamex Aqui payment locations.


  • No transfer fee

Dollar Limits:

  • Citibank Online: $1,000 per business day
  • Financial Center or ATM: $3,000 per business day/$10,000 per week

1Citibank® Global Transfers made through Citibank Online, Citibank ATMs or Financial Centers are included in the six pre-authorized or automatic transfers permitted each periodic statement from a savings or money market account.

2ATMs in 7-Eleven® stores do not support Citibank Global Transfers.